Prescribed Basic OSH Training Course for Safety Officers and Workers plus Two (2) Hours Training of Trainers for Safety Officer 1

Prescribe Basic OSH Training Course for Safety Officer and Employees pursuant to Section 3 (n) of RA 11058 and Section 3 (v) of DO 198-18.

One (1) Day Training & Examination

The following program is planned for this course. However, the course instructor(s) may modify this program before or during the course for technical reasons with no prior notice to participants. Nevertheless, the course objectives will always be met:

Module 1: Overview I. Introduction to OHS · Importance of OSH · Situationer suing the Philippines Data from DOLE · Salient Features of OSH Legislation a. RA 11058 and its IRR (DO-198-18) b. OSH Standards, as amended including related provisions of PD 626 and with emphasis on Duties of OSH Personnel and Health and Safety Committee.

Module 2: Understanding OSH II. General Concept on OSH · Accident Causation Theories · Accident Causation and Prevention a. Unsafe Act and Unsafe Condition b. Accident Prevention c. Benefits of having Safety and health practices in workplace III. Definition of OSH terms with examples · Safety hazards · Health Hazards · Risk a. Low b. Medium c. High

Module 3: Recognizing Safety and hazard Application of appropriate safety rules and control measures IV. Basic Safety Rules and Measures · Housekeeping and Material Handling and Storage · Machine Safety · Electrical Safety · Chemical Safety · Workshop – Application of Learning

Module 4: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) V. Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Control · key steps in recognizing and identifying hazards a. Safety Hazards b. Health Hazards · Risk Assessment and Prioritization · Application of Controls (Engg, Administrative, PPE) · Workshop – Accomplishing Risk Assessment Form/Matrix

Module 5: Workplace Emergency Preparedness VI. Workplace Emergency Preparedness · Roles of OSH Personnel · Responses during Emergency · Conduct of Emergency Drill (Earthquake, Fire, Bomb Threat)

Module 6: Compliance to Administrative OSH Requirements VII. Administrative OSH Requirements · Reportorial Requirements and Prescriptive Period of Submission (R1020, AEDR, WAIR, RSO, OSH Committee Report) · Mandatory OSH Program · Penalties and Violations VIII. Training Assessment and Commitment Setting · Re-entry plan

Module 7: Building Confidence as OSH Trainer IX. Training of Trainers · Role of OSH Trainer · Basic Skills of Trainers · Presentation Materials and Delivery technique · Overview of OSH Module for Presentation · Practical Exercises: Actual Presentation – Critiquing for Improvement

Course Certificate: Certificate of Completion will be given to the student who completed the One (1) Day prescribed training and successfully passes the exam

Course Assessment

The course shall be assessed by a open book multiple choice exam.

COURSE FEE (VAT Inclusive)
3,160 PHP


Upcoming Events

Couse DateCourse TitleNo of DaysHours
April 27 to 28, 2023BASIC OSH for SO128am to 3pm
May 25 to 26, 2023BASIC OSH for SO128am to 3pm
June 27 to 28, 2023BASIC OSH for SO128am to 3pm
July 19 to 20, 2023BASIC OSH for SO128am to 3pm