Food Handler’s Guide to COVID-19


Course Contents
1. Introduction to Food Safety
2. Food Hazards
3. Illness from Food
4. High-Risk Food
5. Time and Temperature Control
6. Personal Hygiene
7. Premises and Equipment
8. Cleaning and Sanitizing
9. Pest Control
10. Staying Safe in the Kitchen
11. Food Safety Training
12. The Flow of Food
13. Food Safety Laws and HACCP
Training Duration
8 Hours (approx. time includes readiness assurance tests, lectures, videos, online games and activities, Trainer Q&A, forums, individual practical sessions on use of PPE and use of food thermometer, short quizzes, workbook reading time and self-study)
Course Assessment and Certificates
The course shall be assessed by a closed book multiple choice exam and a practical virtual kitchen inspection assessment. Candidates must pass both assessments to receive their certificates from FoodSHAP®. Passing score is 75%. Retake is allowed three (3) times, free of charge within six (6) months. FoodSHAP® Certificates are DOH recognized, ANSI and DepEd Accredited.

Please contact your Authorized Course Provider to get the FoodSHAP® Level 2 Highfield International Accredited Certificate recognized in the Middle East and Europe or for a Level 2 UK-recognized Ofqual Certificate for food handlers.

Assessment options:

* Onsite Examination at testing centers – free of charge, per appointment with Authorized Course Provider
* FoodSHAP e-Assessment – remote assessment with invigilation of Exam Officer via Zoom or Google Meet. Comes with an additional fee. Details at

All Food Handlers working in the catering or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked, and handled. Particularly relevant to environments such as pubs, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail environments, hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons, or any establishment that handles and serves food.

Suggested Progression: Level 3 FoodSHAP® HACCP Principles & Practice
Lecture: English
Video Subtitle and Transcript: English and Tagalog
Trainer Q&A and Feedback: English and Tagalog
Training Materials Provided: Printed Basic Food Safety Workbook and Disposable PPEs or personal protective equipment.
FoodSHAP Basic Food Safety for Food Handlers e-book *optional, preferably for those who are outside of the country

It is highly recommended that the students use their own Food Thermometer during the activity. (Please contact your Authorized Course Provider if you wish to add a food thermometer in your shipment).

Course Fee

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