Course Contents

1. Introduction to Food Safety
2. Food Hazards
3. Illness from Food
4. High-Risk Food
5. Time and Temperature Control
6. Personal Hygiene
7. Food Safety Training
8. Premises and Equipment
9. Cleaning and Sanitizing
10. Pest Control
11. Staying Safe in the Kitchen
12. The Flow of Food
13. Introduction to HACCP
14. Food Safety Laws & Regulations

Course Assessment

The course shall be assessed by a closed book multiple choice exam and a practical kitchen inspection assessment. Candidates must pass both assessments to receive their certificates from FoodSHAP®.


Closed book multiple-choice test + Practical food safety inspection test. Participants need to pass the assessments in order for them to receive their DOH recognized FoodSHAP® certificate.


All Food Handlers working in the catering or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked, and handled. Particularly relevant to environments such as pubs, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail environments, hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons, or any establishment that handles and serves food.

One-Day Program

Suggested Progession:
FoodSHAP® HACCP Principles & Practice

Course Fee

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